Tuesday, March 29, 2005

TVPC test is over but i'm still busy

Oh, well...finally i'm done with my TVPC tutorial test today. It wasn't too bad...that's because i've gone through the study questions & most of the questions are from there though there are one ot two questions which are tricky. Ah, what's over is over - no point dwelling on it anymore. Anyway, i guess having group discussions helps as well as i can remember things my friends discuss at times. Philip, Joseph, Serena & I had group discussions for the test yesterday & the day before so that sorta helps us alot. *SIGH* Even though the test is over, i'll still be busy with my assignments still and both are due next week. I had better get started & not slack off again. Bad, bad time management i have here.

We had our weekly flat dinner just now & it was good! I made sausage casseroles, Chimari made sushi, Mel made chutney to go with roti prata, Natalie steamed veges, Amanda baked apple pie while Joseph made fruit smoothies. Everything tasted real good & we were all so full by the end of it, phew. A pity Linken & Sarah couldn't join us. But there'll probably be too much food if the both of them made it for dinner.

I went over to Siang Yee's flat after dinner to discuss about our presentation for Image Literacy's tutorial tomorrow. Damn John! Out of nowhere he choose us to do a presentation. I SO hate this..... grrr. Hopefully tomorrow's presentation will be fine.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

So tensed & stressed

I can't believe my 'agony' of the semester has finally begun.... This is the period where i'll be very busy with test & assignments, sigh. And that eventually leads to me being stressed out. =( I hate this. There's a tutorial test tomorrow afternoon for TVPC & well, i've gone through all my readings & made some brief notes of my own. So hopefully it'll be ok....so damn freaking out now. My first ever test in Murdoch. Wish me lotsa luck.

I think i've not been managing my time well. I've got 2 assignments due next week & guess what? I've not started a single thing!?!?! It's going to be my doomsday next week onwards. TVPC program pitch is due on Monday & Image Literacy's photo essay is due on Friday - AARRGGHH!?!?!?!??!?! I really have no idea how i'm gonna go through all this. Really regret no starting my work earlier. K'...i'd better get going. Probably won't be updating the blog for a few days.....felbyrne = BUSY MODE.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Doomed for TVPC test - ARGH!?!

Oh my God! I'm really starting to panic now....I've got a test for TVPC on Tuesday & yet i'm still slacking off here - AARRGGHH!?!?!?!? I'm so doomed for the test....there's no tips at all & I honestly don't know how i'm gonna cope at all. *SOB* Die ler me.

I wanted to really study hard today but Angie inivited me over to her flat just now for steamboat. It's her 21st birthday today & a few of her friends had organized the steamboat specially for her. So i can't possibly decline & went just now. The food was good & i felt really full. They even surprised Angie with a delicious chocolate birthday cake. I never expect to spend quite some time at her flat...and only managed to get back home at 11 something. Oh, no...there goes my studying session. Guess i'll have to make up for it later. Hopefully i would be able to stay up for revision. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Beach Night at Tavern

Whoops! Seems like i'm late for this entry but i couldn't help it...i was sorta busy yesterday. After finishing my tutorial class, a few of my friends with to Garden City in Lina's car. We were there for like, 3 hours....saw stuff i really wanna get but in the end didn't. Guess i'm really learning to control my expenses now. Carven got herself a pair of really cool Billabong slippers which looks nice at AUD9. Its black in colour & has got some Billabong wordings on the surface of it. Hmm...i didn't know about it till we got back...what a waste! Coz i was spending more time at Jay Jay's instead. =P

The rest of my friends went to Kardinya at 4 something & i didn't go as i got most of my groceries already. So i just studied a little for my test next week. Anyway, in the evening, i had my dinner..which was just some omelette & bread. Some of my flatmates asked if i was going to the Tavern & i said 'no'. Coz its just not my kinda place to be. So after having dinner, i went to Siang Yee's flat to see if she's back as i asked her to help me get sausages. Good thing she was back....then i stayed there to chat with her & Carven. A while later, Philip came over & joined us. Then we were asking him why he didn't go look for me since my flat was nearer to his, haha. Not long later, Serena came over decked in her beach wear. She's been planning to go to the Tavern all day. And she dragged all of us there in the end. =P

It was my first time to the Tavern....and hell, it was damn noisy with lots of people. Girls in bikini's and even guys as well. =P But most guys were in Hawaiian shirts. We saw lots of people there...mainly people from Student Village. The music was not too bad but the sound system was bad - too loud. We only stayed there for a while since we don't drink nor dance. We left there at 11.30pm & went to Philip's flat to chit chat. It's quite funny coz we were mainly talking about our love lives & managed to dig out some 'deep' secrets from one another. =P And can you believe we were chatting till 3 something in the morning? Incredible eh? Philip had to walk all of us home since it was so late. And i only slept at about 4am. Can't imagine how i manage to wake up at 10am this morning.

I don't think i've got any plans for today. But i'll be baking some cookies for Angie tonight & go surprise her at 12am. It's her 21st birthday tomorrow & since she said she's got no plans at all. Hopefully she doesn't have any plans at the last minute or my plan will go to waste. That's it for now then.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Unexpected 'surprises'!

Oh my God! I can't believe this is happening. My tutor for Image Literacy just picked me, Siang Yee & Stacey to present on next week's reading! ARGH!!?!?!? Why on earth are we that unlucky? We couldn't even decline especially when he was constantly staring at us when he asked whether we could present for next week's tutorial. This is bad.....Next week we gotta present on 'Images of the Home'....

Anyway, if that wasn't bad enough...I went to the library after class to check my mail. After finishing, i had to walk up the stairs to get out of the library. Suddenly, i tripped & fell right in front....and hurt my leg, ouch! Now it hurts like mad & it's also swollen. *SOB*I can't wear my mini skirts for the time being....*SOB*

After coming home, i took my bath & then went for a free bbq at the Recreation Room organized by Revolutions Universities. There wasn't much food to be honest. They only served us hotdogs, salad & soft drinks, that's it! Kinda pathetic. But i had fun meeting new people & seeing the guys playing basketball, hehe. Got some 'eye candy' at the court... =P We were chit chatting there until 9.30pm when we had to go. And that's all for today....to be continued.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Amazing flat dinner

There's only one word to decsribe my day today - TIRING. I was busy for the entire day...oh my. I wanted to have a nap in the afternoon but had other plans at the last minute so no nap for me. Can't believe i can still be here updating my blog. My day started with an early class at 8.30am. Then after class, i had a group discussion & did our proposal for Communication & Conflict group assignment which is due on Thursday. We gathered at Lina's flat & Philip was so distracting - cooking pasta when all of us were hungry & making lame remarks. Anyway, meeting dispersed at 11.30am & i rushed home, made a sandwhich for lunch then rushed for Image Literacy class at 12.30pm.

Surprisingly i didn't fall asleep during lecture...Felt so tired & yet i was wide awake. I wonder how i managed that. =P After that, i had another tutorial class for TVPC at 2pm till 3.30pm. That was my last class & i had already planned to take a nap when i get back. Unfortunately, on the way back, i met Philip & Lina...they asked if i wanna go grocery shopping & i did. I agreed because Lina's driving there & it would've saved me lots of energy from walking there under the hot sun on Thursday. Initially, i would've gone to Kardinya on Thursday with my other friends but since there's a car, i might as well go today. But i still had to go back this Thursday to do something. =P

Oh, almost forgot. Serena joined us to Kardinya as well & i bought some foodstuff like milk, juice, bread,etc. which could probably last me a week. I even got the Sara Lee instant cookie dough that Natalie used yesterday for her cookies. It's so good i went to get a pack myself. =P I'm gonna bake them this Friday for Angie's 21st birthday. *shh* We finished our shopping at 5 something & then went to Winthrop as Lina wanted to rent some DVD's. Finally, we got back to SV at 6pm with lotsa stuff.

My day didn't end there though. I took my bath after that & then had my flat dinner at 7.30pm. Joseph made beef & bacon pasta today & it tasted really good. He made the sauce which looks like Alfredo from scratch - using cream & spices. Wow, he can really cook i tell ya. It was realy nice, you know...having everyone in the flat to have dinner together. It's a weekly thing we have so for next week, we're gonna have a potluck & i'll be cooking meat. I still dunno what sorta meat i'm gonna cook though. Any good suggestions?

Then i was watching The O.C. with Chimari till 9.30pm while discussing with her what filling she could put in her sushi. And that's when everything ended....officially. I got back to my room & here i am....I honestly dunno how i managed it but i suppose if i have the willpower, i can do it. Though i'm feeling really, really exhausted right now that i feel like sleeping anytime soon.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Jogging makes me tired

Man, can't believe i actually agreed to go jogging with my mates & flatmates. I haven't jogged for what seems like a thousand years & there i was today panting away while trying to catch up with them. I surrendered after a few minutes & spent most of the time walking instead. =P I'm more of a walking person...not jogging. The rest like Philip, Serena & Natalie were so fast - can't imagine where they got so much of stamina.

Anyway, we came back to SV at about 6.40pm & i started cooking immediately. Felt so hungry at that time. I cooked stir-fry chicken & vege with Peking sauce. It tasted ok. Mel & Jith was cooking fried rice at the same time & they let me tried some....my goodness, it looked & tasted good! Natalie was cooking some fillings for her pita as well & it smelt really good. Let's just say there were many people in the kitchen cooking at that time. Ooh, Natalie baked some chocolate chip cookies too. She let each of us try one & it was so yummy! I might wanna start baking soon, hehe. =P I had a chat wif Chimari while having dinner & it was really nice talking to her. Basically, i find all my flatmates really nice. Really lucky to get into this new flat. Gotta go now. Need to read up some stuff for group discussion tomorrow....